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3. Next Step “Rock is on the Loft” (Full album – Digital)

RELEASE: 30.03.2018
1. Rise of Next Step
2. Ska Punk Hero
3. Lonely Night
4. All of My Thanks
5. Interlude (Next of Ska)
6. A Piece of Freedom
7. Untrue Scene (originally by POTSHOT)
8. Shadow in the Dark
9. In the Moonlight (Single ver.)
10. Bonus Track

2. Next Step “In The Moonlight” (Various Artists – Digital)

1. In The Moonlight

1. Next Step (Selftitled – Limited Edition – CD-R)

1. Trust To Believe
2. No Rerturn
3. Sunset (instrumental)

Next Step was formed in winter 2011 by Lars (Guitar & Vox) and former drummer Nate. Yasmine joined a month later on bass guitar. The Ska / Punk trio played intensively together before taking a break in 2013.

In 2017 the first maxi single was released with 3 demo songs and selfpublished in a limited amount on physical CD.

In 2018 the first album was released with 10 songs, including 2 songs produced by SketchSound. The cover for the album was created by Satoshi (ex. POTSHOT / Red Claw Scorpions)